"Nobody plans to fail. They just fail to plan"

Who are we?


Mach 2 Transportation has been a delivery service provider for FedEx Ground Edmonton since 2005.

Standard parcel distribution, as well as fast pick up services are the core business of our delivery company in Edmonton.

 As a leader, Mach 2 Transportation embraces and reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. Our culture fosters an environment where we recognize and reward the contribution of our employees.

At Mach 2 Transportation, we have zero tolerance for unsafe behavior. It is our bottom line policy that commits us to providing the leadership, organization, training and resources required to maintain a healthy and safe working environment.
We get your shipments to their destination safely. We are skilled and professional with the know-how to meet the deadlines with dependable delivery service. We have built a reputation of hard work, ethics, attention to detail, and a tremendous amount of pride in what we do.

We have a high level of loyalty, competence and professionalism among our staff and Drivers. Our experienced team has the skills and ability to solve complicated logistics challenges, no matter the size and scope of a shipment or supply chain issue.
When asked if it was difficult to keep up with the growing demand created from e-commerce, Bob Henning, executive vice president and CFO for FedEx Ground, told the Memphis Business Journal, “It’s not hard, it’s what we do.”

Under the FedEx Corp. umbrella, FedEx Ground is headquartered in Pittsburgh. Led by Henry Maier, FedEx Ground reported annual revenue of $18.4 billion for fiscal year 2018. In total, FedEx Corp. reported $65.5 billion in revenue. FedEx Ground accounts for 8 million of FedEx’s 14 million average daily shipments and 105,000 employees out of FedEx’s 425,000 employees. During the peak season, the number of daily shipments nearly doubles.